Xiaomi TV Pro New Official Announced: 86-Inch Flagship


Xiaomi TV announced that it will launch a new 86-inch Pro product on May 23 (Monday), positioning it as a high-end flagship.

The upgrade points this time include picture quality, performance, and size. According to Xiaomi, the upgrade of the soul of LCD picture quality, the multi-faceted and powerful video/game, and the 86-inch ultra-large screen are also more suitable for home use.

In the follow-up warm-up, Xiaomi introduced that the new product is equipped with a 100-level partition backlight, which highlights the details of the dark parts, and the flagship image quality is further improved.

According to popular science, the partition backlight technology can make the LCD screen qualitatively change. The more partitions, the finer the light and shade control.

At present, the 86-inch TV that Xiaomi is selling is Redmi Max 86, with a preferential price of 6666 yuan, dual 12Hz high refresh rate, 2+32GB storage, and HDMI 2.1, but the number of checkerboard partitions used is 90. Based on this judgment, the price of Xiaomi’s 86-inch new product should not exceed 10,000 yuan.

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It is understood that in the domestic market, Xiaomi TV Pro has ranked first in terms of shipments for 13 consecutive quarters, with a market share of 22.3%. In the global market, Xiaomi TV’s shipments also ranked in the top five.

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