Xiaomi TV S Series Official Announcement Starts on March 22


Xiaomi announced the Mi TV S Series, a brand new debut! We will see you on March 22nd (this Wednesday)!

The official copy reads: “This time, the chip power is improved again! New quad-core A73 flagship core, strong performance and rapid response. Take over the next generation God U, refresh the strength again!”

It is understood that the Mi TV S Series will be equipped with Mediatek MT9653 chip, a 4K powerful movement to be released by the end of 2022. Compared with the previous generation of MT9652, MT9653 is still a quad-core A73, but the highest frequency is increased.

In terms of functions, there are more improvements. MT9653 has been significantly upgraded in intelligent picture quality algorithm, running memory data structure and functional interface. It is equipped with NPU of 1TAI computing power and supports more game or video formats.

In addition, MT9653 provides two HDMI2.1 interfaces, one of which supports 4K/144Hz, VRR variable refresh rate range increased to 144Hz, reduce the game frame rate fluctuation brought by the screen flash screen; It also supports USB3.0 interface, the local transmission rate is 10 times higher than USB2.0, and can play local high bit rate 4K movies smoothly.

On the screen, the Mi TV S Series supports native 144Hz, which is also an upgrade from the new MT9653.

In addition to the processor and screen, the Mi TV S Series also has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage on the body, eliminating the problem of running out of apps.


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