Xiaomi UAV Drone Will announce to use 4 rotors on May 25


Xiaomi drone has become the hottest topic among the people until now at the end of this month. Right now we have got the latest news that Xiaomi UAV will come out officially on May 25. We seem to have been surrounded with the news about Xiaomi drone, after all, it’s the first time that Xiaomi makes the RC Drone.


According Xiaomi official Microblog, it has leaked the poster about Xiaomi drone model, we can’t see too much info from the poster, but one thing that we can confirm is that they will use four rotors, and the camera is round, or it can support 360 degree rotating. Xiaomi this time releases its first rc drone in order to catch more market share to compete with DJI 3A or 3P. It’s said it will surpass DJI 4 to some degree in some aspects. We guess the selling price will be 3999 yuan. And Xiaomi UAV can realize 4k@30fps camera shooting and light positioning, which proves Xiaomi drone will be a high-end rc quadcopter.


As for other news, Xiaomi has not exposed much, but we can confirm Xiaomi UAV will bring us much surprise according to the current info. We are so curious if it can compete with DJI Drone. Just stay tuned for more news.


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