Xiaomi Underwear Officially Releases at 69 yuan, $11 for Three Units


Today Xiaomi MIJia has listed an underwear, a miniature guide wet underwear, three pieces, selling at 69 yuan, $11. According to official information, it is produced by COTTONSMITH, which focuses on underwear brand of fabric technology, using technology to overturn the traditional designs.

It adopts Miniature window technology, which is the latest textile technology certificated by American cotton company, Single wizard wet capacity improves 14 times, the drying rate improves 40%, fabrics adhesion rate reduced by 50%.

The fabrics consists of 95% natural high quality American cotton and 5% spandex, U convex design pouch to keep dry, avoiding friction, it has high elastic rubber band, prevent allergy from tightening.

The men’s version has mid-grey, dark grey, black and blue color, selling at 99 yuan, $16 for three units, and the women’s version has light grey, light pink, white, black color, selling at 69 yuan, $11 for three units. Xiaomi Underwear will start to ship until June 19.


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