XIAOMI VH 480ML USB Desktop Humidifier Review: A Portable humidifier from VH


Xiaomi introduces a portable humidifier to the market thanks to the VH brand. The VH company specializes in creating various kinds of desktop gadgets. The new XIAOMI VH 480ML USB Desktop Humidifier is signed by VH, but was created by Shenzen Seventh Heaven Technology Co. 



The new humidifier is a compact device with dimensions 100,6 mm x 126,7 mm. The humidifier is available in several colors to match your home/working place or where ever you want to place it. The water tank has 420 ml capacity, together with a built-in battery provides 10 hours of continuous room humidification. If we decide to intermittent mode, the battery life is 24 hours a day, 24 hours. When the battery runs out, charging is done via the USB port.


It comes with an upgraded 800-mesh atomizer, the amount of mist sprayed is very high and ensuring sufficient moisturizing effect, and the water mist will not flow back to the table. It comes with a touch switch design. Long touch switch for more than 2 seconds, touch switch to shift off more than 2 seconfds in any gear position, very simple. Nono-level atomization, atomizing water into micron molecules, turning into a fine mist that easily penetrates the skin directly to the bottom layer, leaving the skin infiltrated and translucent.

The XIAOMI VH 480ML USB Desktop Humidifier is currently available on Banggood for just $13.99 for the first 100 pieces sold.

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