Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping in $359.99 @Geekbuying(End in 5 Days) (EU Warehouse)


Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner assists you with escaping the bustling housework, at that point, you’ll have more opportunity to go through with your family and appreciate a superior life. Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro new robot vacuum cleaner with more suction power than the Xiaomi Mi Robot. These are significant new highlights that won’t leave anybody apathetic and that will make cleaning your home an increasingly nimble and agreeable undertaking for you.

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Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro, otherwise called Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V2, is the new vacuum that Xiaomi dispatches available under the brand name Viomi. This robot vacuum cleaner has a shrewd laser framework that maps the rooms of your home, following a course to clean in a precise way in each corner. On account of this framework, you can choose a zone that intrigues you to clean profoundly. It interfaces with various gadgets on account of its App. In addition to the fact that it vacuums, you can improve your cleaning bypassing the mop around.

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro can clean adequately and effectively because of its LDS laser separation meter with a 360° scanner that picks the most helpful cleaning course consistently. It gives you a guide to see where it is progressively from your telephone application. Pick a zone you are keen on cleaning, click on the APP guide and Vioami Vacuum Pro will clean the chose region. Your desires are their direction. You will likewise have the option to limit a room in the event that you don’t need the vacuum cleaner to clean it around then. Everything is up to you!

Its variable speed and single-sided brushes will leave a much cleaner floor. On account of its NIDEC engine (brushless), this robot vacuum has a 2150 PA suction power, which converts into an incredible suction capacity to spotless the same number of residue particles and soil. This motor has an extremely effective commotion reducer, subsequently abstaining from irritating sounds. Its water tank has a limit of 560ml and furthermore a powder tank. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you have rugs or distinctive floor levels, this vacuum cleaner will have the option to keep away from snags and climb little unevennesses of up to 2 cm.

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro has a 3200mAh battery. Viomi naturally comes back to its Charging Dock when the battery is low and comes back to the last spot where it was left to keep cleaning once it is charged once more. We can get it from Geekbuying with $359.99 

End in 5 Days, (EU warehouse)

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Price: $359.99


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