Xiaomi Youpin Has Launched the Intelligent Visual Ear Pick X7 Pro: 300W Endoscope


Xiaomi Youpin’s website has launched the bebird intelligent visual Ear Pick X7 Pro. Which will be launched on March 3, with a crowdfunding price of 169 yuan. The bebird intelligent visual ear pick X7 Pro is equipped with a 300W professional endoscope. A six-axis directional gyroscope. A magnetic charging base, and a Q-silica silicone ear spoon.

The bebird intelligent visual Ear Pick X7 uses a 300W professional endoscope. Which can easily dive into the small ear canal? The sensor has a built-in intelligent compensation algorithm to increase by 3 million pixels. Blue light lens, lens upgrade dust, and fog.

bebird Intelligent Visual Ear Picker X7 Pro can automatically align the ear picks. The magnetic mechanism enables the ear picks to be aligned automatically on the cross-section. 31.6-degree field of view, 15-25mm lens depth of field. 15mm lens focal length, can see the real ear canal.

The bebird intelligent visual ear picking Ear Pick X7 also uses a six-axis smart gyroscope to achieve precise ear picking. Equipped with a fast WiFi chip. Android phones can be connected directly, and iPhone phones can be connected in steps.

bebird intelligent visual Ear Pick X7 Pro also uses a magnetic charging base, using Type-C interface, battery power 350mAh, can be used for about 60 days on a single charge.

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