Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses Officially Announced at 199 yuan, $29


Today Xiaomi has brought its amazing new products such Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Xiaomi MIX, of course, they have introduced Xiaomi MI VR headset which claims built in independent sports sensor with 16-millisecond ultra-low latency rate to reduce greatly the dizziness. It has remote control with 9-axis sensor.

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As you know, Xiaomi has released MI VR play version at 49 yuan, $10,  which makes mi fans not satified. Right now this Xiaomi MI VR Headset official version can support object distance adjusting suitable for 600 degree myopia  and 200 degrees hyperopia.  What’s more, Lei Jun said Xiaomi will build Xiaomi lab to research the latest technology and direction, they will enter into VR and robot field first.


Xiaomi MI VR headset supports 103 degree viewing angle, adjustable lens. Besides, Xiaomi has prepared a lot of resource available for VR such as games, movies, an outer space 360° panorama content called Hello Mars. It is said there will be more than 500 panoramic videos, 30 VR apps. As for Xiaomi MI VR headset price, it sells at 199 yuan, $29 which will support Xiaomi MI5, Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi mi note 2,etc. Will you have a try? Update, you can enjoy coupon code: GB9% to catch it a $67.33 now.


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