Xiaomi Walkie-talkie 2S Officially Released at 299 yuan, $44


Today, Xiaomi walkie talkie 2S was officially released, featuring a thin body, 4W power, 120 hours of extra long standby and other features, priced at 299 yuan, $44. You can check xiaomi walkie talkie 2s review here.

It is understood that Xiaomi intercom 2S supports 4W transmitting power, which can cover 10000m² shopping malls or 1-5 km urban areas, applicable to scenes such as script killing, KTV, catering, hotel, park property, security and so on.

Intercom can be set up to 100 intercom channels, of which 20 remote channels, 80 custom channels, and with independent subphonetic code, and it can greatly reduce the interference of cross-channel.

At the same time, it supports dual-channel simultaneous listening, keystroke free call, channel scanning and other auxiliary functions.

Paired, MI walkie-talkie 2S supports body independent write frequency and mobile phone Bluetooth write frequency, and can quickly synchronize all channels in a single time to multiple walkie-talkie.

It is worth mentioning that even in the absence of network environment, Mi walkie-talkie 2S can share the location with a companion through the App, and quickly configure the walkie-talkie.

Xiaomi Mi Walkie Talkie 2S is 15mm thick and weighs 130g. It has a 2190mAh battery tucked into the thin body and can be used continuously for 15 hours with 120 hours of standby time.

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In other aspects, Xiaomi walkie talkie 2S uses a 1.77-inch LCD color screen, built-in 36mm large speaker unit, supporting 3.5mm headset, Bluetooth headset connection, and listening to 87-108MHz FM channel, support IP54 dust and waterproof.


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