Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S Unboxing Review: Everything You Need to Know


Xiaomi, a technology giant known for its innovative products, has recently launched an upgraded version of its popular walkie-talkie series- the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S. This latest offering comes after a four-year gap from the launch of the company’s first thin and light analog walkie-talkie, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 1S. With the 1S being a successful product, tech enthusiasts eagerly awaited the upgraded version to hit the market.


The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S still holds the same position as its predecessor as a portable, thin, and light analog walkie-talkie with significant upgrades. Technology Xiaowang has got his hands on the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S for the first time to find out what these upgrades are. In this article, let’s unbox and explore this new walkie-talkie and see what promotions and surprises it brings.

It is important to note that the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S is an upgraded model of the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 1S, not the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2. The naming of the walkie-talkie may confuse, similar to that of Mi phones. The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2 is an entirely different model, and the 2S is an upgraded version of the 1S, mainly focused on being thin, light, and portable.

As we open the package, we find a Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S, a charging cable, and an instruction manual. Compared to its predecessor, the 1S, the Walkie-Talkie 2S has some changes in its appearance. It has a larger screen, more giant speakers, longer antennas, and increased transmission power of up to 4W.

One of the most significant upgrades is the charging interface. The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S comes with a Type-C charging cable, an upgrade from the Micro-USB of the 1S, making the charging process more convenient.


The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S has a 1.77-inch color screen, replacing the LED dot matrix screen of the 1S. The color screen enhances the display content, making it more vibrant and attractive. Furthermore, the Walkie-Talkie 2S comes with a more prominent speaker. The new 36mm large-size speaker unit provides a fuller and better sound quality, while the longer antenna improves signal-sending and receiving effects.

A switch button is at the top of the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S. This switch button supports shortcut keyboard unlocking, preventing accidental touches during use.

We find the Push-to-Talk (PTT) launch button and the volume controls. What’s particularly noteworthy is the volume+ button, designed with bumps that make it easy to identify and use without looking. This feature is handy when operating the device blindly or in low-light conditions. The protruding design of the PTT button also adds to the overall tactile experience of using the device.

On the right side of the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S, you’ll find a Type-C charging port and a 3.5mm headphone and microphone jack. Unlike the Micro-USB charging cable of four years ago, which was often difficult to find, Type-C data cables are now ubiquitous, making it easy to set the device at home or on the go. The built-in 2190mAh battery provides ample power to keep the machine running all day.

The device’s color screen is another standout feature, offering explicit and rich display content. The front of the device features up, down, left, right, and circle function keys that resemble the 12th generation of Xiaomi Walkie-Talkies. When you receive a signal, a green signal strength display appears on the screen, providing an intuitive way to gauge the movement’s strength.


Another innovative feature of the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S is the inclusion of an azimuth map function. Connecting the device to a mobile app lets you view location information in real-time, making it easy to stay on track and navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Dual-frequency mode and channel scanning are noteworthy additions to the device’s feature set. With dual-frequency mode enabled, you can monitor two frequencies simultaneously, while channel scanning allows you to quickly scan the supported U-segment frequencies to find the frequency with the strongest signal.

Once you have connected your Xiaomi walkie-talkie to the mobile app, you unlock additional settings and configurations. These include the ability to adjust channel parameters, modify your device’s name, and even share your location with other users. Setting up your shared area allows you to communicate with other Xiaomi walkie-talkies on the same channel in real-time, making staying connected with your group easier.

One of the most exciting features of the Xiaomi walkie-talkie app is the azimuth map. This map lets you quickly check your positional relationship and distance to other walkie-talkies in your group. You can even view your coordinates and time in detail. The app allows your Xiaomi walkie-talkie 2S to transmit its coordinate signal at intervals, allowing others to update your position in real-time. This feature is handy when you need to keep track of multiple people in your group or if you are trying to coordinate with someone in an unfamiliar area.

In addition to the azimuth map, the Xiaomi walkie-talkie app includes an online map. This map provides a more detailed and intuitive view of the location of yourself and other walkie-talkie users in your group. This feature gives you a feeling of APRS, making navigating and staying connected easier.

Another great feature of the Xiaomi walkie-talkie app is the ability to set frequencies directly from your mobile device. You can quickly write the frequency on your walkie-talkie or configure it in batches to other walkie-talkies. Using custom channels, you can promptly select specific frequencies, such as a local relay frequency, and save these parameters for future use. The Xiaomi walkie-talkie 2S has an impressive channel capacity of 100, including 20 preset and 80 custom channels. This capacity is more than enough to meet the needs of professional radio enthusiasts.


One of the most important aspects of any walkie-talkie is its battery life. The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S features a built-in 2190mAh lithium battery that provides long standby times of up to 120 hours and continuous use for up to 15 hours. Additionally, it features IP54 protection, which means it can easily handle general rain and dust.

Regarding communication distance, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S offers a maximum range of about 5 kilometers for direct frequency communication in an open outdoor space. In the city, the longest communication distance for natural frequency communication is around 3 kilometers, and this distance will be further reduced when driving at high speeds. The communication distance is closely related to various factors such as vehicle speed and environment. However, even in areas with obstacles such as mountains, you can still expect a communication distance of 1-2 kilometers on the expressway.

Other Feature

If you connect to a repeater, the length will be longer since the repeater is generally set up at a relatively high position. In urban areas, in urban areas, you can open a repeater 10 kilometers away with the Xiaomi walkie-talkie 2Sand still receive a 59 signal report. Even on a high-rise balcony on the 16th floor, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 1S can still communicate with a Nanjing repeater dozens of kilometers away. It will be interesting to see how the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S performs in this regard.

The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S is a must-have for anyone who loves to listen to local radio stations. With its FM radio function that supports 87-108MHz, this walkie-talkie is perfect for those who want to stay updated with the latest news and music in their area. But what sets the Walkie-Talkie 2S apart from its competitors is its upgraded high-gain antenna that provides an excellent reception effect, making it a reliable device for radio enthusiasts.

Apart from its impressive radio function, the Walkie-Talkie 2S boasts many features that make it a top-of-the-line product. Xiaomi has sincerely upgraded this device, including an increased power that everyone cares about, a 1.77-inch color screen, a more prominent 36mm speaker, location sharing, and practical air-to-air upgrades such as frequency copying. These additions make this thin, light walkie-talkie product look more professional and user-friendly.

The Walkie-Talkie 2S has a CMIIT ID, a must-have for radio enthusiasts with an operating certificate. This feature allows users to go through machine inspection procedures and obtain a radio license, making it a more regulated and safer device.

Despite the many upgrades, the V-segment function that many Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 1S users expect has not been added to the 2S. However, if this portable and lightweight walkie-talkie can support U-segment and V-segment, it will significantly increase its practicality and professionalism. Moreover, adding the frequency waterfall function of channel scanning and the S-meter value of the received signal (the field strength meter of the received signal, the value is from 1 to 9) would make it an even more professional and fun device to use.

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S is a highly upgraded version of its predecessor, and it has many features that make it stand out in the market. Adding the FM radio function, the larger screen, and the high-gain antenna makes it a must-have for radio enthusiasts. With the continued improvements and additions of new features, the Walkie-Talkie 2S has the potential to become even more practical, professional, and fun.

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