Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Review: Foldable Fitness Walking Machine For Just $355.99 at Gearbest


WalkingPad A1 Walking Machine gives you another way to enjoy sports. Put the WalkingPad walking machine at home or in the office, you can walk at any time. Whether you want to relax after dinner or after sitting for a long time, you can enjoy relaxing and quiet walking exercise. By Xiaomi Mijia Ecosystem.

Buy Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Walking Machine at $355.99


The Xiaomi Youpin WalkingPad A1 Walking Machine measures just 56×21 inches when in full size and 32×21 inches when folded. It’s only 5 inches thick and weighs just 28kg — but you won’t have to bother lifting the thing in the first place: the walking pad comes with convenient rear wheels that make moving it around super simple. After you’ve folded the walking pad, you can easily store it under your bed or even behind a closet in the “standing position”. In the end, you get to exercise right in your living room without bulking up space with a huge piece of fitness equipment. The Xiaomi Youpin WalkingPad A1 Walking Machine can be folded in half. Through the 2 rollers at the bottom, it can be moved smoothly in /out to/from the limited space under the desk, sofa or bed, etc.


You can operate the Xiaomi Youpin A1 folding walking pad like a standard treadmill with just a few minor differences. You can operate the walking pad in two different modes: manual and automatic. You can turn the machine on and off either on the pad itself or on the remote control. You can also use the remote control to adjust the pace of your workout. Alternatively, you can rely on the treadmill’s built-in sensors to adjust the speed of your training session automatically: start running closer to the front zone of the pad to increase the speed and move closer to the end to decrease the speed. In automatic mode, you can also turn on the walking pad by just stepping onto it and turn the pad off by simply stepping off it.

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One of the major strengths of Xiaomi products is the fact that most of them are integrated into the Xiaomi ecosystem. It’s the same with the Xiaomi Youpin A1 walking pad — the gadget is part of the Mi Home app system. Once you have paired the walking pad with the Mi Home App, you will be able to track your training progress by viewing the history of your previous sessions. You will also have plenty of options for customizing your workouts: setting the maximum speed limit, startup type, the sensitivity of the automatic mode, child block, etc. You can also enter your personal information (weight, height, age, etc.) for even more personalization options.


Buy Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Walking Machine at $355.99

With the wear-resistant anti-slip walking belt and the noise-reduction multilayer structure, you can walk or jog comfortably at home or office, without disturbing the work, entertainment or rest of families, neighbors, colleagues or even yourself. You can buy Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Walking Machine from Gearbest at $355.99 in Flash Sale…


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