Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 Review: Allows You To Exercise at Home Anytime


Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 in the state of the walking machine can use the automatic mode, adjust the speed according to the user’s movement state. And can start, accelerate and decelerate without the remote control. In May of this year,  once experienced a walking machine product from Mijia, which is compact in shape, supports folding, and can be easily used at home.

Walkingpad R1 Design

One of the selling points of the Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 is its small size and easy storage. This treadmill R1 inherits the same genes. The center of the treadmill can be folded in half, and the armrests are contracted and fixed on both sides. As a handle when pulled, the whole installation process can be done by one person.

First, unscrew the armrests on both sides of the treadmill to lock them up, and then fix them again. Then unfold the second half of the treadmill from above, adjust the running belt to the center, and pay attention to lower it slowly when it is placed flat. Finally, adjust the handrail to the appropriate height through the quick release device, and then install the safety switch, the entire treadmill installation process is done.


Then just plug in the power supply and press the switch next to the socket to start using it. When you first use it, you need to install the KS Fit app and bind it to the treadmill. After completing the novice guidance, you can unlock faster speeds.

There are two running modes of the treadmill. One is the automatic mode, which is suitable for walking. We will talk about it later. The other is manual mode, you can use the remote control to adjust the speed. Through the display under the treadmill, you can see information such as speed, time, distance, etc., and the display is very clear under strong light. Below the display are three shortcut buttons, namely standby mode, manual mode, and automatic mode.

Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 is best for novices to start practicing in manual mode, clamp the safety switch on their clothes, and the running opportunity will stop urgently when they are accidentally thrown out. Take the remote control in your hand and put on the safety rope to start running. +-On the remote control is to control the speed, adjust 0.5km / h each time, the middle is to start and stop, the lower button is used to switch between manual mode and automatic mode.

If you are bored during running, you can also put a tablet or mobile phone on the handrail slot and watch the video while exercising. KS Fit provides a variety of training courses to help you develop a suitable exercise plan. There are also steps, distance, punching challenges that motivate you to stick to exercise.

Able to “transform” walking mode, suitable for light fitness

Next, introduce the automatic mode, which corresponds to the “waking state” of the Xiaomi Walkingpad R1, which is also a kind of inheritance. Before the Mijia walking machine was released, one of the pain points was fragmented time and light exercise. It is suitable for the current state of life of young people. It can be exercised at home at any time, and some people say it is suitable for the elderly. In short, this form of walking machine is indeed welcomed by some people.

Xiaomi Walkingpad R1

The treadmill R1 can also be transformed into a walking machine. Just put the handrail back on both sides of the treadmill. And the system will automatically switch to the walking state. Walkingpad R1 in the state of the walking machine can use the automatic mode, adjust the speed according to the user’s movement state, and can start, accelerate and decelerate without the remote control.

Entering the first half of the treadmill, the machine will automatically accelerate, and when you want to stop. It will slowly run to the second half, and the machine will slowly slow down. You may not be used to it for the first time, just try it a few times. The trick is to stop when you want to stop in the second half, follow the machine a few more steps. It will slow down to a basic stop, then it will be safer to come back.

The maximum speed limit of the treadmill can be adjusted in the App. The maximum speed for running is 10 km / h. And the maximum speed for walking is 6 km / h by default. You can also set the sensitivity of the automatic mode and the information displayed on the panel through the App.
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The unfolded size of this Walkingpad R1 Machine is similar to that of a general treadmill and weighs 33kg. Its advantage is that it is easier to fold and place. Whether it is placed flat on the bottom of the bed or standing up next to the wall (attention to the safety of children and pets at home). It can save a lot of space. Its maximum load is 110kg, which is enough for most people.

In a busy life, many people want to take the time to exercise. But after a busy day of work, there is always a reason not to go to the gym. This Xiaomi Walkingpad R1 Machine can solve these problems very well. It will not take up too much space in the home. There is too little time. I only want to exercise lightly. The walking mode can meet the needs.


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