Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Review: Upgraded Experience With New Design


Xiaomi launched its first business high-end Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro. The quality is exquisite enough to make this smartwatch have a texture that does not lose to high-end traditional mechanical watches. With its excellent design, it has won the reputation of being “Xiaomi’s most beautiful watch”.

After eight months, Xiaomi has brought an upgraded Watch S1 Pro, and now it has come to our fast technology evaluation room. Compared with the previous generation, Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro, what are the upgrades?

The following picture shows the specific parameters of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro:

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro is equipped with a leather strap, which is very business-like and very atmospheric. The Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro is equipped with a 1.47-inch flexible OLED screen with a resolution of 480×480 and 326PPI. The retina screen is delicate enough. The surface of the cover is covered with sapphire glass, which has obvious advantages, good light transmission, scratch resistance, and wear resistance.

The brightness is also improved. 600nit can ensure that it can be easily seen outdoors. Coupled with 256-level automatic brightness adjustment and a dual-channel ambient light sensor, the automatic brightness adjustment is more accurate, and it is not too difficult to view the watch screen outdoors and indoors. Too dazzling.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro adopts a streamlined design as a whole. The narrow lugs and the streamlined middle frame of the body are very elegant. An elegant dial gives people a sense of the quality of a mechanical watch. The size of the watch body is 46×46×11.28mm. About 48.5g.

Compared with the previous generation, the flexible screen of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is 0.3mm thinner, which also allows the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro to narrow the frame by 18% under the condition that the size of the watch body remains the same, and with the blessing of a more advanced packaging process, easily achieved a screen ratio of 72.7%, and the battery is also larger, from 470mAh of the previous generation to 500mAh.

The middle frame of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is made of stainless steel, and the design of the crown has also been changed to scroll + press the crown.

The upper pyramid-patterned rotating crown (the button on the right in the picture), tap to return, switch the home page, long press to call out the voice assistant operation, and can also rotate to achieve scrolling operations without manually touching the screen, such as menu selection, reading long messages In such a scene, it is very practical. Combined with the Z-axis linear motor, the vibration feedback is very delicate

The lower crown (the button on the left in the figure) easily opens the quick exercise function, and users can also change it by themselves. The long press is to exhale the shutdown/restart operation.

The bottom is the sensor body, which is also the core heart rate sensor of the watch. The material used at the bottom is also sapphire glass. The light permeability is very guaranteed, and the user’s health and exercise status can be monitored more accurately.

This generation also added a body temperature detection function, which can comprehensively body temperature on the side of the body through local skin.

Taking into account the weight issue, Xiaomi S1 Watch Pro added a ceramic texture high-gloss spraying process to the plastic back cover to simulate the warm and glossy texture of the ceramic version, taking into account both quality and weight.

The left side is also equipped with a high-voltage PA and a large-amplitude speaker, which is 4-6db louder than the previous generation. You can also make calls using a mobile phone, and there is a call noise reduction algorithm developed by Xiaomi so that the other party can hear the sound more clearly.

The Mi Watch S1 Pro I received is a hand-made watch strap, which can be worn with business suits. It is skin-friendly and at the same time, it can bring a higher-end sense of quality.

There is a buckle on the inner side of the strap, which can be easily disassembled and assembled by simply turning it left and right.

In addition to leather, the strap material is also available in fluororubber and steel.

The box also comes with a manual, a wireless charger, and a charging cable. Inbox’s exclusive magnetic wireless charging base can support a maximum input of 5-12V2A and a maximum output power of 7.5W. It only takes more than 85 minutes to fully charge the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro.

MIUI For Watch

System experienceSkin temperature measurement for the first time! Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro first review: thousand yuan almighty watch

Let’s take a look at fluency first. The MIUI For Watch on the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro uses a variety of graphics acceleration engines, and the animation and UI interface has also been fully upgraded, making it very, very smooth to operate.

With the rotating crown, the response is equally quick.


I don’t know if readers have found it. The representative page of Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro brings a brand-new widget page, which is no longer in the form of one page and one function, and multiple functions can be combined into one page.

The widget layout and style can be customized. Just long press the widget card page to call out the widget editing interface. You can add up to 4 pages of widget pages. Through this layout, you can also choose different styles of card pages.

In this way, the screen space of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is more effectively used, and there is no need to repeatedly swipe, and only one page is needed to view information such as exercise status, heart rate, battery, etc.


MIUI for Watch not only brings a smoother system, but also achieves interconnection on Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro, so that the coordination of mobile phones and watches is no longer a problem, and it also supports Xiaomi mobile phones to match pop-up animations.

Now, as long as users use Xiaomi Watch S1 on their wrists, they can quickly control the status of mobile phones, TVs, speakers, headphones, and other devices. The MIUI family bucket ecosystem that users have been waiting for for many years has finally been realized.

Xiaomi officially said that MIUI for Watch also brings fast synchronization settings, which can synchronize mobile phone settings with one click, do not disturb mode, Wi-Fi password, notification settings, schedule to-do, etc. in one step, even if you clear data and replace the watch, no data is required. Lost or reset the watch.

In addition, the notification on the watch can be opened directly on the mobile phone, and the message has been read on the watch or mobile phone, and it will not be repeated, which is very user-friendly.

Preset APP

The Mi Watch S1 Pro comes with NetEase Cloud Music, Baidu Maps, Scientific Calculator, and Tick List APPs pre-installed.

Users can also download and install third-party apps such as QQ Music, Migu Music, Perpetual Calendar, and Phoenix FM for Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro through the “Xiaomi Run Health” APP on their mobile phones.

Exercise and health

In terms of health detection, Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro has little improvement from the previous generation and also has all-weather heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep detection functions.

However, all-weather monitoring is turned off by default. At the beginning of this generation, it no longer relies on the mobile APP to turn on, and users can also manually turn it on on the watch.

In addition, the past data of heart rate does not require a mobile APP, and the record of 30 days can be viewed on the watch.

Sleep monitoring has also been upgraded, and users can view the sleep records for the past 7 days without relying on their mobile phones.

This generation of Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro has added a skin temperature measurement function to help understand the changes in skin temperature during exercise.

Unfortunately, all-weather measurements were not added. If supported, users can be reminded in time when their body temperature is abnormal.

Because the heart rate window on the back of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro uses sapphire glass, which is more accurate than ordinary glass. But it still needs to be noted that this is the comprehensive body skin temperature inferred by the local skin contacted by the sensor of the watch.

However, users should take into account that the temperature detected by the watch is greatly affected by the way of wearing and whether the strap is tight or loose, and even the ambient temperature will affect the measurement results.

According to the author’s test, in the current environment of about 26 °C, the measurement result of the watch is 36.7 °C, and the highest result of the temperature measuring gun’s forehead is 36.5 °C, with a difference of 0.2 °C.

Therefore, the author suggests that users of the temperature measurement function should only use it as a reference every day.


In terms of sports, Xiaomi Watch S1 Watch supports dual-frequency GNSS five-star positioning system, which can accurately record the user’s movement trajectory during exercise.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro supports automatic motion detection. The supported sports include walking, running, cycling, rowing machines, and other sports, but users need to manually open them.

From the above picture, you can see that the heart rate, exercise duration, speed, kcal consumption, altitude, and other information can be displayed in real-time during exercise.

It also adds height information to further the dimension, allowing watch detection to detect height rise and fall information in motion, making distance calculations more accurate.

After the exercise, the information about the current exercise will pop up directly. The author chose to ride outdoors, and the trajectory given is still very accurate. However, because the watch does not only display a graphic map if the user needs to view a more detailed map track, it is still necessary to cooperate with the mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mi S1 Watch Pro also has a built-in running coach, which can bring more systematic training for beginner runners, including 10 running courses such as brisk walking, jogging, moderate running, and fast running. Users can choose the plan according to different needs, which is very considerate.

Dial and wireless functions

As a smartwatch, in the dial management in the “Xiaomi Sports Health” App, you can see that in addition to several built-in dials, you can also download and install dials of different styles, and users can freely match them according to their outfits.

Bluetooth, NFC

The Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Watch supports the use of wireless headphones to make calls and listen to music on the Bluetooth function.

Like the Mi Watch S1 Watch, it also supports full-featured NFC. If you need to brush the bus and access control, you can open the corresponding service on the “Card Package” page in the “Xiaomi Sports Health” App.

However, in terms of card switching, this generation of Xiaomi Watch S1 Watch is more intelligent, and it can automatically switch the default card according to the set time, such as switching to a bus card in the morning, and switching to an access card when you come back at night, which is very convenient.

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This high-end Xiaomi Watch S1, in terms of the upgraded experience, has made the screen larger and brought more detailed improvements based on the original high-end exquisiteness and comprehensive functions.

The most important thing is that Xiaomi has finally started to build its ecosystem, and the multi-device collaboration that many users have been thinking about day and night has finally covered all product lines this year. Mobile phones, tablets, headphones, and other products are used for multi-terminal device management.

Since it focuses on high-end business, the Mi Watch S1 naturally does not need to worry about its workmanship. Even compared to traditional mechanical watches, this Mi Watch S1 Pro is refined and elegant enough.

In terms of functional experience, the regular all-day monitoring of blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, pressure, and other health is naturally not missing, the dual-frequency GNSS five-star positioning system and professional sports functions have not shrunk, and it also brings a more practical skin temperature measurement function. , and the previous health monitoring records have also gotten rid of the dependence on mobile APPs to the greatest extent.

Thanks to the larger screen size, and the widget page brought by MIUI for Watch, users don’t have to turn pages frequently when using the watch, and they can freely combine the widgets they need on the current page. , minimize the user’s operation, very user-friendly.

On the other hand, it supports Bluetooth listening to songs and calls. If you don’t want to take out your phone during exercise, you can also use the watch to answer and reject phone calls, which is very convenient.

Unfortunately, there is no eSIM version. I also hope that Xiaomi can launch a watch that runs completely independent of the mobile phone, making the user experience more comfortable.

In terms of battery life, the author turns on heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep all-weather detection, and only loses 5% of the power in one night. In the daytime, to shoot the watch, the screen is always on for a few hours, and the power loss is only about 20%, which consumes about one day. Electricity is around 25%.

For ordinary users, even if the all-weather detection is turned on, the power consumption per day is about 15% to 18% in normal use, and it can be used for about a week. Of course, users can also turn off some functions to obtain longer battery life.

Although the Watch S1 Pro is an iterative upgrade version, it can be seen from the evaluation that Xiaomi has further polished the details of the product to be more mature, and it can also be seen that the manufacturer’s in-depth thinking on products such as smart watches, how to allow users to use more comfortable.

If you need a smartwatch with a high-end positioning, a smart enough appearance, all-around health and sports, and longer battery life, then this Mi Watch S1 Pro smartwatch, which starts at only 1499 yuan, must be very suitable for your requirements.

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