Xiaomi Waterproof Automatic Foldable Umbrella and Xiaomi Mi 300Mbps WiFi Repeater 2 Flash Sale with Coupon @Zapals


Xiaomi automatic foldable umbrella is unlike the regular umbrella, it comes with a protective coat that can keep the rains from penetrating.and if you looking for a super budget Wi-Fi repeater? I have one to introduce you – Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2. It supports 2.4GHz Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps. Loaded with 2 built-in antennas to provide best wireless coverage. Using USB port as power source. And it is also very light weight (30g only) to ease carry around. How does it perform? Read this review to find out.

Xiaomi automatic foldable umbrella

The Xiaomi automatic foldable umbrella makes use of nylon material that keeps the rain from penetrating or soaking the umbrella. There is also a second coat on top that protects from ultraviolet rays. Xioami automatic foldable umbrella can be used by custormers during the rainy season and summer season.The cool part about the umbrella is the automatic foldable design which makes it very easy when opening or closing. Now what’s special about this umbrella from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Automatic Foldable Umbrella reduces the stress of opening and closing your unbrella; it can close and open automatically without you doing that manually. Right now you can use  coupon code: QD1800  , Valid date: From now to August 20 Price after coupon code: $21.99.

Xiaomi 300mbps WiFi Repeater 2

Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2 is really light in weight yet still providing excellent build quality thanks to solid plastic frame. After remove the USB cover, you can plug it on any USB wall adaptor that you prefer. Workable on portable power bank too. It can be rotated at 180 degree to get the best wireless signal.Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2 comes in a plain simple plastic cover. That’s all. No user manual included but all the required information to get you started is located at back of the package. Just follow the instructions there will do.There are LED light indicator and reset pin hole at back. Orange light for booting up / first time setup. Blue for stable operational. That’s it.Installation is very simple. Just download Mi Home application from iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Then add new device there. Key in your existing Wi-Fi router password. That’s it. It is really simple right? By the way, it works with non Xiaomi router too. You can use Coupon code: xmwr081104 (300 times) with free shipping to enjoy  Price after coupon code: $6.99 (Only for registered customers).

Advantages of xiaomi wifi repeater 2

1) Excellent wireless coverageFast
2) 300M transfer rate
3) Easy installation with Mi Home App
4) Ultra-portable
5) Stylish design


A cheaper products that many customers choose, appreciated and confirmed the name on the market, This is a very hot products on the market today.
Iif you can buy a Xiaomi wifi repeater,  visit ZAPALS and take your wifi repeater in just $6.99 using coupon code xmwr081104 (300 times only for registered customers), Xiaomi Wi-Fi reapeater 2 is the best budget repeater that you can get in the market.
xiaomi automatic foldable waterproof umbrella market price is $38.99 but you can take it on ZAPALS in just $21.99 using coupon code: QD1800 (from now to 20 aug).hurry up and check first.


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