Xiaomi Wi-Fi 7 Review: The Mi 13 Pro speeds up to 4.3Gbps


Earlier, IEEE, the Institute of electrical and electronics Engineers, released a draft of 802.11be, which the Wi-Fi Alliance named Wi-Fi 7. Xiaomi also recently announced that the Mi 13 Series, Redmi K60 Pro, and Mi 10 Gigabit Router will be upgraded to Wi-Fi 7.

What are the upgrades relative to Wi-Fi 6? How much can the Mi 13 Series and Mi 10 Gigabit Router improve with Wi-Fi 7? Recently, Xiaomi official detailed the Wi-Fi 7 related technology.

Wi-Fi 7 builds on Wi-Fi 6 with a number of new technical features, such as higher data transmission rates and lower latency.

At the same time, the Multi-Link Operation (MLO) chip-level multiplex connection technology is introduced for the first time. Generally speaking, it is similar to the signal transmission of two expressways, with higher throughput, avoiding the situation of network speed reduction, lag and dropped line.

In addition, Wi-Fi 7 also introduces 4096-QAM, which increases the capacity of each network transmission from 10 bits to 12 bits, and improves the throughput performance of Wi-Fi 7 by about 20% compared to Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi 7 also includes technology upgrades such as a maximum 320MHz bandwidth (240MHz domestic), EHT-MCS 14/15, and 1024 BA Size.

For users, phones upgraded with Wi-Fi 7 can choose two signal channels at a time and transmit data at high speeds. With the help of MLO chip-level multiplexing technology, the Mi 13 can achieve dual-frequency concurrency of 2.4GHz+5GHz, reaching a peak transmission rate of 3.6Gbps.

The Mi 13 Pro, on the other hand, has the strongest Wi-Fi connection and can achieve ultra-fast dual-frequency concurrency of 5GHz+5GHz. When combined with Xiaomi’s 10-gigabit router, it can reach a peak transmission rate of 4.3Gbps. According to Xiaomi’s measurement, it only takes 2.9 seconds to download a 1G movie.

Xiaomi Lab data shows that the average latency time of Wi-Fi 7 can be reduced by more than 20%. For mobile games with strong operability, it can basically hit anywhere.

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It is worth mentioning that the Mi 13 series also uses a more advanced Wi-Fi chip, which, combined with Low Power Listening (LPL) and other technologies, can reduce the Wi-Fi power consumption by up to 30% and improve the battery life of the phone.


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