Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro Review – Wifi Signal Cover Extender at $15.99 From WiiBuying (Coupon)


Enjoy the internet world at any time anywhere! Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro perfectly solves the problem of signal loss and weak area connection, built-in 2 x 2dBi antenna with 300Mbps transmission speed, boost an existing wireless network throughout all your home, and say goodbye to WiFi dead zones.


Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro is a device that will allow us to take wifi anywhere in our home with total ease. We only have to place it in a socket and pair it with our router through the Xiaomi Home application. We will be able to configure it very easily, as it will create another wifi network with a better signal than the original one. If we place the Xiaomi Wifi Extender Pro in an intermediate socket we will have a high-quality Wifi connection for our computers or phones.

It has undergone an improvement in terms of connection stability while achieving a longer range according to Xiaomi. The new Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro has two antennas and an extremely simple setup, just place it near the router and select its pairing. You can connect several in your home, and once paired we can even take it to another room, wherever you need to connect it. It covers between 80m2 and 150m2, depending on the configuration of the rooms.

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The Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro features two external antennas that efficiently extend your internet connection. No longer will you have to worry about dead-zones or other issues; while trying to access the internet from a remote corner of your home or office. With its stable signal transmission, it offers great usage without any lag or interruptions. The 2.4g wireless WiFi amplifier automatically upgrades its firmware for increased usability. It furthermore features a power saving design that helps you to cut your electricity bills. With the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro at your side, you’ll never experience a slow internet connection again. WiFi Amplifier Pro with 2 Antenna has host and sub-machine combination. Sub Machine have a 2×2 antenna, equivalent to the mainstream router 300Mbps wireless transmission rate. Stable performance, better coverage.


Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro delivers up to 300 Mbit / s and MIMO 2 × 2 speeds. There are also two external antennas, which improve reception. It is noted that the novelty is compatible with the majority of existing routers. We can buy it from WiiBuying at $15.99/€13.28 by using Coupon Code: WIIVBV3XD for Limited Time.


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