Xiaomi will announce Xiaomi UAV RC Quadcopter Drone at $100 this month


Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun has leaked the news about the latest RC quadcopter which is coming at the end of this month in Xiaomi MAX press conference.  It will be the first Xiaomi  Drone and it will be also first trial in this new RC industry. If this time Xiaomi makes big success in this line, it will be dedicated to more models. We have also introduced why Xiaomi started to RC Quacopter industry in the last article.


As for this Xiaomi UAV, it is rumored it will take at least one year to develop, invested by Xiaomi company, produced by Flymi company in Guangzhou. It will sell by Xiaomi.According to the latest news, Xiaomi RC Quadcopter will use 4 Axis design with camera. It can make the corresponding flight movements according to Mi band. It will be very cool to take the video. Based on the Xiaomi common strategy, it will enter into a brand new market, in order to attract more attention, they will provide the new product with high-competitiveness in price and performance. And this is the easy and simple way.

This Xiaomi drone will sell at 100usd with built in camera to have high competitiveness for the users who purchase RC Drone first. Xiaomi drone will be a nice choice to have a try.  As we know, Xiaomi has made great progress in smartphone, smart  band, action camera.  Now it comes to Xiaomi drone. it will also make a hit at the end of the month. Are you ready to catch one? I will introduce more details and videos. Stay tuned.


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