Xiaomi will launch three folding screen phones in 2021


Xiaomi’s folding screen phone has been in development for some time, but it has not been mass-produced yet. Even the MIX Alpha, which Xiaomi explored in a new form with a large screen, was aborted due to its difficulty in mass production.

But things could change next year.

Ross Young, CEO of DSCC Screen Agency, revealed on social media platform that Xiaomi is expected to bring three folding screen phones to the market next year, with three different industrial design forms, namely outer folding, inner folding and clamshell.

The so-called folding is similar to the current style of Huawei’s Mate Xs or Rou Yu mobile phone. The double-folding prototype demonstrated by Xiaomi before also falls into the category of folding. Folding has the advantage that it only needs a large screen, but the disadvantage is that the screen is exposed and has poor protection.
The in-fold is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, with a smaller screen on the outside and a larger screen on the inside, as is said to be the case with the Huawei Mate X2.

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The new Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are both of these solutions, which are the most portable ones. However, the inner screen cannot be large enough, which somewhat sacrifices the original intention of folding screen.


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