Xiaomi will Release Four Mid-Range Models Under the Screen Next Year


Digital blogger @DigitalChat revealed today that in addition to Mi Mix 4 (yet to be named) and mi Mix Fold, Xiaomi currently has at least 4 new models under the development of screen cameras, including high-end models and flagship models.

In addition, these four new models under the screen will come next year, but next year Xiaomi’s whole series will only have these four models under the screen forward, the rest will still be perforated screen.

As for Xiaomi’s new flagship Mix 4, which uses an under-screen camera, it was previously revealed by @Digital Chat that its model suffixes are K8, so it is often referred to as the K8 generation. Its internal code name is “Odin”, which refers to Odin, the Lord of the Gods in Nordic mythology. It is expected to arrive in August at the earliest.

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According to the existing information, MI MIX 4 will adopt the upgraded version of Huxing photoelectric screen presented last year. The hyperbole AMOLED screen is expected to be about 6.67 inches, which is expected to support high refresh rate. The overall body is round and beautiful, and it also supports UWB, 120W cable and 70W wireless quick charge.


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