Xiaomi Will Release MI Smart Guitar on Valentine’s Day for Crowdfunding


Tomorrow it will be Valentine’s Day, Xiaomi will list 60th, 61th two crowdfunding product in Xiaomi crowdfunding platform, the 61th product may be Children GPS smartwatch. But the 60th product will be a MI Smart Guitar. In their promotion official documents, you may not have a good knowledge of playing skills in short ten minutes. If i say, i can?

Therefore, this new product should be smart guitar to enable users to learn playing the guitar well. According to current market, there are other brands of smart guitars, selling 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, $160 to $333, providing Apps to realize the functions of  metronome and auxiliary tunes. By smartphone microphone, it can recognize current string tone is low or high.

In addition, when watching the tutorial video, the teacher teaches you how to play in the video, the LED light in the guitar can synchronize on, indicating the fingering and playing the string in real time. Therefore, if Xiaomi released this MI Smart Guitar, how much will it be?


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