Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds (With Coupons)


In this hassle filled life, the more you can be unburden yourself the better. There are some things that are our daily drivers, your smartphone, your card carrier, your car key and etc. Some like to carry constantly one thing their headphones. Headphones are very very difficult to untangle no matter how much a company claims they are. So why not carry one’s without all the wires and just the stem, well Im talking about the easily lose-able apple earpods but i am talking about the new Xiaomi Wirelesss Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sports Earbuds.


The Earbuds are aptly named by xiaomi as they are actually gonna be daily life buddies for many. The earbuds are very elegant and sophisticated and are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. The device measures 10.50 x 7.30 x 4.50 cm / 4.13 x 2.87 x 1.77 inches and weighs just about 17.8gm. The earbuds are very convenient to use and materials used are soft and elastic rubber plus the iconic oval design of the Xiaomi wearables. You get two colour options one gray and other is white.


The best thing for sports enthusiasts is that these earbuds are rated waterproof and sweatproof i.e IPX4. The earbuds are convenient to use for long hours and can be used for continuous music playback for 7hours . The creative new hook design holds the earbuds at the right place. Xiaomi has adopted a separate mic and volume buttons so that controls are easy to use for the user. Extensive noise reduction is used to give you a bass full and clearer audio experience like never before. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 and HD quality voice, plus you can simultaneously connect to two devices at the same time within 3S.


The  Xiaomi Wirelesss Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sports Earbuds are indeed very exciting addition to already vast accessories of Xiaomi. They provide you a great music experience plus the ultra affordable cost makes them undeniably attractive. The earbuds can be purchase here and using the coupon code: GB9%   you can get it for a special price of  just $29.16.


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