Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket Released For Just $15.57


Xiaomi Mall official micro announced that Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket will open crowdfunding at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi House at 10:00 on July 15th. The crowdfunding price is 109 yuan and the retail price is 129 yuan.

It is reported that the Xiaomi wireless charging socket is a dual-coil vertical wireless charging socket that can be charged horizontally and vertically (supports 10W MAX wireless charging, supports mobile phone case charging), and can be used as a mobile phone stand; there are three USB socket and 2 sets of new national standard combination jacks, single port USB output 18W MAX.

As a mobile phone stand, Xiaomi’s wireless charging socket provides a comfortable 20° viewing angle. In your spare time, you can chase plays, browse information, and play while charging.

The Xiaomi wireless charging socket provides 3 USB jacks, which can be charged by mobile phones, tablets, charging treasures, and smartwatches. It is convenient for daily charging. In addition, the two sets of new national standard combination jacks on the left and right can meet the power needs of two desktop plugs.

In terms of safety, Xiaomi wireless charging socket supports 75N protective door, 750℃ flame retardant, and overvoltage protection. In detail, the soft light reminds you not to disturb, the non-slip silicone cushion is placed securely, the skin-friendly wireless punching panel is not soft enough to the mobile phone, and the wire body protection design is firm and durable.

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It is understood that Xiaomi’s wireless charging socket will be reserved online at 10 o’clock on July 13 (Xiaomi Mall “Xiaomi vertical wireless charging socket”). The crowdfunding will be on sale at 10 o’clock on July 15 and 10 on July 22 Point crowdfunding is over. Shipment is expected from August 12.


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