Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds Leaked: Smartphone Reverse Wireless Charging


91mobiles discovered an interesting patent of Xiaomi Company. Which can reverse Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds through a smartphone? Xiaomi described the patent as “this design product is a mobile phone accessory. That can be mounted on a mobile phone to store and charge the Wireless Earbuds.”

It is found from the patent map that the charging accessory has two slots for Wireless Earbuds. Charging accessories come in two different designs. One for rod-shaped earbuds and the other for pod-shaped Wireless Earbuds.

Xiaomi has not released a smartphone. That supports reverse wireless charging Although in August there were hints. That the company is working to bring this feature to future premium smartphones. The patented design may only support Xiaomi wireless earbuds.

Xiaomi also recently demonstrated its 40W fast wireless charging technology. The demo used a modified version of Mi 10 Pro and a 4000mAh battery. This phone charges to 57% in just 20 minutes. And completes the charge in just 40 minutes.

This charging speed is almost on par with the wired fast charging solutions we see today. This 40W wireless charging with a vertical air cooler to dissipate heat.

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