Xiaomi X1 Specs with Bezel-less Screen and Dual Rear Camera Leaked First


These days there are some concept renderings about Xiaomi new smartphone, Xiaomi X1, as Xiaomi X series, we can see in design Xiaomi X1 has used different elements from Xiaomi MI Note series, Redmi series, Xiaomi MI series,but utilized the design of Samsung.

Xiaomi X1 has very advanced design, using bezel-less design, not only curved screen, on the front design, it has cancelled single and three virtual buttons. It adopts 5.5 inch screen with 2160×1080 resolution, which can combine with VR glass to use. Due to full screen, Xiaomi X1 uses dual front camera built in the screen,which can support once optical zooming, 21MP, the bottom of Xiaomi X1 also uses bezel-less design,  but under the screen , there is some space not used, which is a little pity.

But in terms of iPhone 8 renderings, it has used the space totally without any wasting. Xiaomi X1 designs its dual rear camera and fingerprint scanner on the back.And the dual rear camera will use 34MP camera, supporting 3 times optical zooming, in addition, adopting front dual camera, it can use VR to take photos in panorama.

As for performance, Xiaomi X1 will use Snapdragon 845 processor, RAM 6GB. But today we have seen a Xiaomi new phone system screenshot, it shows that Xiaomi new phone will use 6 inch 2K screen, powered by Snapdragon 660 processor, coming with dual rear camera, 20MP+16MP, built in 4,150mAh battery, running Android7.1.1 OS. So will it be Xiaomi X1?


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