Xiaomi Xiaovv Q8 HD 1080P 360° Panoramic IP Camera Review: Infrared Night Vision AI Motion Detection Machine Panoramic Camera


Xiaomi for years has never slacked in giving us amazing devices covering all aspect of life. Today we present to you one of its amazing product the “Xiaomi Xiaovv Q8 HD 1080P 360° Panoramic IP Camera” which has been largely accepted by lots of persons due to its amazing features.

Buy Xiaomi Xiaovv Q8 Camera at $19.99

Without wasting much of your time, lets quickly talk about its features. It is embedded with built-in 6 high infrared lamp, which can clearly be imaged without any light at night. It is also embedded with IR-CUT, automatic sensitized switching infrared night vision, which can effectively protect for 24hours. The Xiaomi Xiaovv Q8 HD 1080P 360° Panoramic IP Camera like the name allows 360-degree Panoramic view, horizontal rotation of 355 degrees, vertical rotation of 60 degrees, horizontal viewing is possible.

It is a two-way voice intercom. Integrated professional noise reduction algorithm effectively filters out background noise. The range of pickups is wide, and the built-in fidelity speakers make the dialogue clearer and vocal collection clearer. It also features a smart motion detection alarm. If there is an object moving within the effective range of monitoring, the alarm system will push the abnormal information to the mobile phone, and the situation can be understood in real time.

The Xiaomi Xiaovv Q8 HD 1080P 360° Panoramic IP Camera is currently on Pre-sale on Banggood for $19.99. This is a very amazing price, considering the features the camera is embedded with. This camera has been promised to create an amazing time while you using it.

Buy Xiaomi Xiaovv Q8 Camera at $19.99


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