Xiaomi Yeelight deal, grab before it ends!


For our igeekphone readers we have a very ‘bright’ deal for you today, the Xiaomi YeeLight  smart light bulb with WiFi to connect with you smartphone. Before going for the deal lets see some of its description, Its an RGBW 9 Watt smart LED light by Xiaomi and is capable of giving out 600 lumens of light. Xiaomi claims that the YeeLight gives out a light that is perfect for your eyes causing less fatigue. The YeeLight is not too bright, not too dark but just right giving you a perfect dimming experience just with a tap.20160516150921763



The Xiaomi YeeLight now comes at an attractive price of just $19.99. The company claims that YeeLight has a range of 1700K-6500K color temperature. Also you can control a group of smart lights with a tap on your phone. Set the sleep timer or turn on/off the YeeLight from anywhere outside if you forget to do so. At this price i think its a very sweet deal so grab it before it goes.


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