Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Colorful LED Ceiling Light Lamp For Just $70.79 In Flash sale at @TOMTOP


If you are thinking about getting a new lighting solution that you will admire for many years look no further than Xiaomi Yeelight LED ceiling lamp, recently announced of on company’s crowdfunding platform. Together with its smart home brand, Yeelight, Xiaomi has been working on bringing out light and shade in lighting technologies (see most notable products — Yeelight LED Bulb and Yeelight Bedside Lamp). The new ceiling lamp might raise some eyebrows.

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Lights deigned as sporting white color in a circular shape. It equipped with 240pcs OSRAM LEDs of a color rendering index that is up to 95Ra, providing museum lighting effect. The dual-chip three-way dimming system allows a flexible adjustment of brightness and color temperature. In addition, a moonlight mode which gives the look of the moon when turned on is surprisingly comfortable. Being a smart lamp, the light can be controlled by smartphones through WiFi or Bluetooth. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to remotely switch on and off your light without necessarily being in the same room.

Xiaomi Yeelight lamp features 28-watt Osram LEDs attached to an aluminum pan, which ensures better cooling, thus durability. The lamp is capable of lighting the room area of around 15–20 m2 for about 25000 hours non-stop, as in almost 3 years. The lamp rocks a full-white body that adds fascination and charm in the room. In more practical terms, it helps to give off more light. Its housing is protected from total ingress of moisture, dust, insects and other foreign matter as the IP60 standard, the new Yeelight lamp is also boasting of, confirms. The lamp is easy to assemble as it has a push-and-slide mechanism to lock a lamp into holders.

Warm white lighting (2700 K) is the most popular choice for homes. Yeelight Ceiling Lamp cannot only reproduce your traditional lighting pattern, but also alter its brightness (1–2000 lumens) and color temperature. A mobile app opens access to all the advanced settings of lighting. If you do not have your phone at hand, use Bluetooth remote control. It is worth mentioning, that the lamp pairs well with Mi Band, which has a sleep tracking function. If you fall asleep in front of a TV or while reading a book, the lamp will switch off automatically after it is given the green light from Mi Band.

With the advancements of smart gadgets, everyone’s life has become very easy and one of the biggest examples of this is LED Light. There are varieties of LED Lights available with different features out of which this newly launched light i.e. Yeelight LED ceiling light is ideal for the tight spaces and offers many features over the other LED lights. It is priced at around $70.79 on TOMTOP with a special coupon code: HTY14LEDXM and 220 points given You small discount.


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