Xiaomi YI 360 Degree VR Camera, YI HALO Officially Releases


Yesterday, Chinese Xiaomi eco-line, Xiaoyi Technology has cooperated with Google to release a VR camera from JUMP platform, YI HALO, namely, it is a the most advanced 360 Degree 3D VR camera specialized in professional guide and video maker. According to the combination of most advanced image capture and montage technology, photographers can film the excited immersive VR stories.

As for functions, YI HALO consists of 17 sports camera installed on Jump platform, users can see the image under same scene in every direction. YI HALO can take 360 degrees virtual video with high quality at 8K*8K 30FPS, or 5.8K x 5.8K 60FPS.

In addition, YI HALO has top thermal design, according to built in full screen, it can be set up very easily. The module camera platform is very convenient to update or upgrade, which can adapt to future change. In this exhibition, Xiaomi YI technology will also release YI 360 VR camera, which is the only one to take 5.7k panoramic video or images on the current market now.


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