Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 vs GoPro Hero 4 Black Review


Xiaomi Yi 4K Action camera 2 has finally released.  When it announced, it has become more and more controversy with Gopro Hero 4, some people said it looks like Gopro Hero 4 black in design and functions. So is it real? Will you spend a lot money on Gopro Hero 4 instead of Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera 2?




In terms of appearance, since YI 4K action camera 2 has just come onto the market, it looks more stylish than Gopro Hero 4. YI 4K action camera 2 only has one button: To power on / off when long pressing and to start video recording or take a picture when short pressing it. The back of the camera is a 2.19 inch LCD touchscreen. Perhaps because Gopro doesn’t have display, it weighs only 88g (including battery), which is lighter than YI 4K action camera 2. YI 4K action camera 2 weighs 95g (including battery).


YI action camera 2: 42×65×21mm

Gopro Hero 4 black: 42×59×21mm

YI cation camera 2 is a little bigger than Gopro Hero 4. Gopro Hero 4 doesn’t have display but you can connect an external display to your Gopro Hero 4. However, due to the small size of its screen, its resolution is lower than YI 4K action camera 2.



Both YI 4K action camera 2 and Gopro hero 4 are equipped with F2.8 ultral wide-angle lens. They all provide users with FOV options when recording video. But YI action camera 2’s processor and sensor are more powerful than Gopro hero 4. YI action camera 2 uses new generation Ambarella A9SE75 and Sony IMX377 sensor.




The battery life of Gopro Hero 4 has been a big problem for its users. When shooting 30 fps 4K, the battery will last an hour and 15 minute, or 45 minutes with WiFi enabled. When shooting 720p/120fps, the battery will last an hour and 50 minutes with WiFi off. While YI 4K action camera uses rechargeable 1400mAh high-voltage 4.4V lithium-ion battery. The battery will last up to 8 hours on standby. Even shooting 4k/30fps, the battery will last 2 hours. That’s worthy of praise!


We connect an external screen to Gopro hero 4. Comparing with YI 4K action camer 2, the image quality of Gopro hero 4 is much poorer than YI 4K action camera 2. We have to agree YI 4K action camera 2’s resolution and sensitivity are superior to Gopro hero 4.


Dynamic experience

Gopro has always been the leader in action camera market. Although its camera sells at a high price, consumers are willing to buy. However, in this test, we were surprised to find that YI 4K action camera 2’s performance is better than Gopro hero 4.

In terms of image stabilization, YI 4K action camera 2 adopts Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology.We can see clearly that YI 4K action camera 2 captures more smooth and steady video footage than Gopro Hero 4.

In terms of image quality, both can capture 4K pictures. But the pictures taken by YI 4K action camera 2 are more vivid than Gopro hero 4. This certainly owes to YI 4K action camera 2’s powerful hardware and accurate algorithm.



In the end, let’s see the comparison of standby time between Yi 4K action camera 2 and Gopro hero 4. In consideration of memory size, we select loop recording mode. It turns out that the battery of YI 4K action camera 2 lasts an hour and 57 minutes and Gopro hero 4 lasts 50 minutes.



Whether compared Xiaomi Yi 4k Action camera 2 and Gopro Hero 4 in design, price, features, or other functions, Xiaomi yi 4K action camera 2 has more advantages than Gopro Hero 4. Although Xiaomi needs much more experience in action camera industry,  they have done a great job as the new brand to compete with Gopro. If you don’t believe, why not have a try?


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