Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunded New Toys, Makeblock for Children at 139 yuan, $21


Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunded a Makeblock intelligent programming light toy for children, with 5 kinds of light boards, supporting gesture sensing, lighting games, intelligent programming and other selling points. The crowdfunding price is only 139 yuan, $21.

Children’s Intelligent programming lamp is suitable for children aged 5-12 to play, which helps develop children’s concentration, logical thinking, computational thinking and creative thinking.

It comes with a core ESP32 chip, infrared sensor, sound sensor, and 21 RGB color-changing lights. Through Bluetooth communication, it can interact with light in three ways: wireless control, gesture and sound.

Led by 10 years of STEAM teaching experience and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Exeter, the 12 video courses are easy to understand, challenging, solving puzzles, building 5 dimensions of ability, and enjoying learning without worrying about children’s learning ability.

In programming, there is no abstract complex code, only simple blocks, so that children can easily start artificial intelligence. Through graphical programming blocks and real-time code comparison, it is easy to achieve the transition to mainstream programming languages.

Lamp holder uses bus model, 21 Windows different scenery. It is built-in 3 light magic, through gesture sensing control lighting.

And the light can change the color with the sound rhythm, play the child’s imagination, 8 kinds of picking up sound lamp effect, follow your choice.

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It is built-in games, update 3 games every month, including mathematical thinking training games, level games, animation games, difficulty levels, suitable for different ages.


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