Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding Third-Generation Smart Door Lock For Just $299.99


Xiaomi Youpin launched a new Belson rear clutch smart door lock with a rear mainboard design and a crowdfunding price of 1999 yuan.

Officially called the “third generation” smart door lock, the first two generations of motherboards are outside the door, of which the first generation is an external clutch and the second is a central clutch. The main board of the third-generation smart door lock is inside the door with a rear clutch design.

It is understood that the smart locks currently on the market usually have two structures, “front clutch” and “rear clutch”. “Front clutch” because the lock body is through the front and rear shafts, after the front panel is damaged or separated from the door, you can directly use the tool to rotate the square shaft to unlock. After the “rear clutch” panel is damaged or separated from the door, it cannot be unlocked by rotating the square shaft with a tool.

This new Belsen smart door lock uses a built-in clutch. The main board is located inside the door, forming a four-fold protection of the outer panel, door panel, lock body, and rear panel. Compared with the front panel clutch, its safety factor is greatly improved.

Once the ordinary smart lock fails, the maintenance cost is high, and even needs to be returned to the factory; Belson’s rear motherboard technology, plug-in design, in case of electronic failure, directly replace the module and solve it in one step.

The Belsen rear-clutch smart door lock supports six unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, Bluetooth, key, temporary password, and Mijia APP . It collects fingerprints in 3D and has a resolution of up to 500DPI. The shallow fingerprints of the elderly and children can also be sensitively identified.

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It is powered by 4 AA batteries. It can be used for 365 days when it is unlocked twice a day. The battery will be automatically reminded if the power is less than 30%, and it can be used for 100 times.


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