Xiaomi Youpin Function Calculator Launched Just at 69 yuan ($9.99)


Xiaomi Youpin Function Calculator launched with a high-definition LCD Chinese dot matrix display and supports 498 types of complex computing functions. The original price is 72 yuan, and the initial price is 69 yuan.  The easy-to-use calculator panel and the reasonable design of button layout. Deli function calculator, the panel design is simple and easy to use, and the split design prevents fingertips from pressing mistakes and reduces mistakes.

The design of the large screen puts more burden on the eyes. Large viewing angle LCD dot matrix screen, clear digital display, convenient and quick calculation. The character arrangement distance is clear.

In terms of functions, the Deli Function Calculator supports textbook synchronization, function functions (trigonometric function, power/cube, exponential/logarithm, random number, prime factor decomposition, absolute value, summation), calculation mode (statistics, function table, equation, Functions, inequalities, proportions, complex numbers, cardinal numbers, matrices, vectors…)

In order to protect the body from falling and shock absorption, the Xiaomi Youpin Function Calculator uses a sliding cover that slides up and down to cover the front and back to protect the keys from wear.

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The body of the Deli Calculator is powered by a solar panel + two button batteries, so you no longer worry about the lack of power.


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