Xiaomi Youpin Kiss Fish CC Smart Water Bottle Review: A Water bottle with Temperature display for just $37.99


Xiaomi is a company that manufactures all sorts of gadgets so long as it makes life easier. Now the brand has come with a Smart Water Bottle that comes with amazing features. The Xiaomi Youpin Kiss Fish CC Smart Water Bottle device as it were is smart and been smart, a lot is expected from it, which we would review as we progress.


The Xiaomi Youpin Kiss Fish CC Smart Water Bottle is made from healthy material + Exquisite craftsmanship. The cup body, cup lid, middle ring and fittings that are in direct contact with water are made of quality food grade 304 stainless steel and PP (or Tritan). The production process has been polished by more than 100 strict procedures and has undergone 12 strict quality inspection. It comes in multiple colors in which you can choose from, this color includes Gray, Pink, black and Green.


the lid of the cup has a built-in OLED high-brightness display and some of the features of the water bottle include anti-vibration, low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, a high-temperature sensitive sensor for temperature measurement, and accurate temperature measurement up to + 5-degree Celsius.  The flask is meant to withhold both hot and cold temperatures. It is a 535ml capacity Stainless steel vacuum flask that can be used to brew Tea and it weighs just 320 grams.

How can one get an accurate temperature measurement of the liquid,?. All you have to do is, gently shake the cup before temperature measurement to make the water temperature inside the cup evenly distributed. After that, you tilt the cup to make the sensor and moisture fully contact.  The Flask can withhold hot temperatures up to 62 degrees centigrade for up to 7 hours or more and low temperatures below 10 degrees centigrade for up to 6 hours or more.

The Xiaomi Youpin Kiss Fish CC Smart Water Bottle is currently available on Gearbest for $37.99 and comes with free Cute Color Block Mermaid Design Blanket


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