Xiaomi Youpin One-Button Automatic Inflatable Bed is for Crowdfunding


In my spare time, I would like to stay in the mountains and indulge myself with my family and friends. Outdoor travel, used to rest mattress is essential.

In response, Mi Youpin has launched a one-button inflatable leisure bed with a crowdfunding price of 299 yuan, which is moisture-proof and cold-proof, lightweight and portable, and it has functions such as emergency charging.

The inflatable bed, which is built with the airvortech electric pump and automatically inflates with a simple press of the press, supporting a bed in 100 seconds and is 180cm long, 70cm wide and 25-50cm high.

Using high quality thick nylon TPU fabric, 2-3 adults can sit and lie at the same time without tearing. Grass, beach, water, rock, snow and so on can be easily used.


After inflating, the thickness can avoid the discomfort caused by uneven ground, as well as the wet and cold ground, making it more comfortable and warm to sit and lie down, just like sleeping on a soft cloud.

After storage, the weight is less than 1kg, it can be easily packed into the backpack, can be carried on the back, packing into the car trunk is not a matter.

It is designed according to the structure of different parts of the human body, ergonomic health posture, relax the body and mind at the same time protect the spinal curve, evenly and closely fit the human body, enjoy stretching, sleep how you want to sleep.

Adopt one body molding design scheme, the maximum bearing capacity can reach 150kg. With the waist support as the center, the aerated bed’s load-bearing capacity has been greatly improved. High speed rebound is stable and does not collapse, soft and hard can be freely adjusted without limitation.

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The automatic air-filled bed adopts Micro USB input port. The electric pump of air-filled bed can be charged by charging bank or vehicle. The electric pump comes with a 2600mAh battery capacity, and it can also be used as a charge bank for emergency use at critical moments.


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