Xiaomi Youpin Refrigerator Deodorant Sterilizer in Now on Crowdfunding


The “Family Hygiene Report” survey shows that refrigerators are the second most polluted place in the home (the first is the bathroom). Household refrigerators have an average of about 1.14 million bacteria per square centimeter, and the odor caused by bacteria is even more harmful to food. The taste and safety are greatly reduced. Food hygiene experts have repeatedly reminded the public that refrigerators are not “safes” for food, and low-temperature environments are still unable to eliminate all bacteria. You must develop the habit of cleaning and disinfecting refrigerators regularly. In this regard, Xiaomi Youpin will crowdfund a Shijing refrigerator deodorizing sterilizer Max tomorrow (June 5) at a crowdfunding price of 149 yuan.

The Xiaomi Youpin Refrigerator Deodorant deodorant sterilizer has three operating modes: deodorization, freshness preservation, and negative ions: using active oxygen and negative ions dual-effect deodorization module to quickly decompose a variety of odor molecules in the refrigerator, bid farewell to complex odor troubles, and extend the freshness of food ingredients.

It is the only refrigerator deodorizing sterilizer on the market that supports Mijia APP control. Only need to control the mobile phone, you can realize the functions of intelligent switch, scene switching, and matching of different concentrations of active oxygen within a range of 40 meters.

149 yuan Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding refrigerator deodorant sterilizer: sterilization rate 99.9%

0 consumables, no need to replace the filter element regularly, only need to charge for 2 hours, and the battery life can be up to 60 days in the fresh-keeping mode.

The ABS of the whole machine is added with silver ion antibacterial material, which can avoid mold corrosion even in the humid environment of the refrigerator, and can be used in both the refrigerator and the freezer.

It also has a vibration sensor, the machine can respond quickly when the refrigerator door is opened, and the active oxygen function can be turned off.

In fact, the scope of use of Shijing Refrigerator Deodorant Sterilizer Max is not limited to refrigerators. It can be used in shoe cabinets, wardrobes, toys, cars, pet nests, and other spaces, giving users all-around protection. Dedicated hook/magnetic dual-purpose design to meet different usage scenarios.

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