XIAOMI YUELI Electric Nose Hair Trimmer Review: 360 Degree Rotate Ear Nose Hair Razor Clipper Safe Cleaner Tool


We like to repeat that Xiaomi has designed products for all cases of life. That’s true. But we forget to add that its products are also very useful. The main reason why Xiaomi has become so popular is obvious – it wants to make various products that will make our lives easier. And this statement refers to all of its creations. Recently, the company launched quite an interesting health accessory that is made for men mainly. Of course, as expected, it comes our way not from it directly but from one of its much-popular eco-chain companies. We are talking about the Xiaomi Yueli Nose Hair Trimmer. It’s quite a very useful accessory for men

Buy The Xiaomi Yueli Nose Hair Trimmer For $13.99


Generally, the Xiaomi Yueli Nose Hair Trimmer has a compact size, coming with dimensions of 14.00 x 0.80 x 0.80 cm. When looking at this product for the first time, we understand Xiaomi likes to make all of its products quite attractive in terms of design. This is the case when we can say this trimmer inspires confidence. On the top, the Xiaomi Youpin Nose Hair Trimmer sports a one-way blade, which is quite sharp and durable. It is made of 420J2 Toyota imported steel. The built-in blade fits the inner wall, protecting the nose from pulling the hair. On the opposite side, it has a canceled switch to reduce the misoperation


Inside, the Xiaomi Yueli Nose Hair Trimmer is packed with a powerful small motor with 10,000rpm and a torque of 30g. This product works with a regular AAA battery. It provides up to 2 hours of working time. It has 2 control channel which safety for both the male and female. Using this channel a user can use it for removing not only the nose hair but for removing the ear hair also. So, this also reduces the cost of buying another device to cut the ear hair.


Xiaomi Yueli Nose Hair Trimmer is a device, which is used for removing the nose hair. It has a lot of features which is very uncommon to other nose hair. It has a feature which is, it is a waterproof device so a user can also use it in the washroom. This device is made of some quality material and its design outlook is also gorgeous. Moreover, its color which is black makes it more standard to look. It is currently available on Banggood for $13.99

Buy The Xiaomi Yueli Nose Hair Trimmer For $13.99

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