Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 WIFI Version Smart Body Fat BMI Digital Scale Officially Releases at 199 yuan, $33


On March 30, 2017, Xiaomi Yumai MINI 2 Smart body fat digital scale has been listed for Xiaomi crowdfunding with good sales, in five minutes, it has achieved crowdfunding goal, in 9 hours, its sales has been over 10,000, and in 58 hours, all of units have been sold out. Today its official bright Yumai Mini 2 WIFI version, which can support WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 dual module connection, compatible with any scene, selling at 199 yuan, $33.

When choosing WIFI connection to weigh the body, there is no need to carry phone to wait for Bluetooth searching, only stand on the scale to weigh, each time the weight report will synchronize to your phone App by Wifi auto connecting.

Based on Yumai powerful data cloud and profound algorithm technology, the development has increased from original 14 data to 17 data to make everyone know their body well by themselves.

Equipped with its App, it will not only record your health report, finding your health issue in advance, and it can evaluate your body state in real-time, offering you proper health and diet, sports suggestion. Right now Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 smart scale is on sale from lightinthebox at $36.99. You can catch the first generation first.

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