Xiaomi Yunmi X5 Purifier Releases at 8,999 yuan, $1499


Yesterday Xiaomi eco line company, Yunmi has released a X5 Purifier with 400g weight, which can be heated in one second, and then it can be drunk. It is said that Yunmi X5 Purifier adopts 4+1 level deep filtration, cold cathode UV sterilization technology in Japan, which coli sterilization rate is as high as 99.9999%.


It also sues the second generation of patent three-dimensional integrated water, three-way   intelligent valve, eliminating leakage from the source.

Besides, the X5 purifier can support one second for hot drink, controlling the temperate to  1 ℃, adjusting the temperature freely, it can support ready to filter,ready to heat, and ready to drink, no need to wait for fresh water. As for price, Yunmi X5 sells at 8,999 yuan, $1499, but it’s in presale now and then ship in one month.


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