Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver| USB Rechargeable Electric Razor| Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver is a rotary system consisting of two shaving heads with knives from the Japanese company Toyota. For the gadget is responsible for a powerful motor, making 8500 rpm, but it works very quietly. Inside the product are two batteries of 450 mAh each, which in total provide up to 45 minutes of continuous operation. If you shave every day, then one charge is enough for a whole month.


Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver has a unique design. The knives are closed by a grating, which has a bionic structure. The presence of 1148 holes simply does not allow you to skip at least one hair. This is the guarantee of a perfectly clean shave. The electric shaver Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Shaver is an ideal purchase for those who care about their appearance and pay attention to small things. Blades for Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver are manufactured in Japan of the highest quality steel. They are installed at an angle of 27 degrees, thanks to this in just one approach, it becomes possible to eliminate the maximum number of hairs. The device works noiselessly, without creating discomfort for the user and others. Despite the quiet pace, the heart of the razor, that is, the motor is quite fast. The rotation speed is 7800 rpm.


The Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver belongs to a portable line of devices and operates at the expense of a battery. The Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver is based on a system with two heads, knives of which are made of high-quality Japanese steel. The novelty has received a stylish metal case, which will protect the device from moisture and splashes. Moreover, with the help of Xiaomi Zhibai, it is possible to carry out not only wet but also dry shaving. The motor of the razor is able to rotate at a speed of eight and a half thousand revolutions per minute. And at the same time, the device practically does not make a noise. The capacity of two batteries is 450 mAh, and this should be enough for forty-five minutes of continuous operation. You can fully charge the device in eight hours. For the convenience of carrying the manufacturer has provided a special bag, which is included. It barely makes noise and is charged by USB Type-C, which makes it easy to take it anywhere, since you can even charge it with your smartphone’s charger.

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The Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver is made of high-quality materials that are joined with a welding that makes this Xiaomi Zhibai is waterproof and therefore has IP7X certification, you can use it dry or wet. The blades of this razor have been manufactured by the Japanese company Toyota. Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver is now avaialble on Geekbuying Just at $25.99 using Coupon Code: KRTQFWXA.


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