Xiaomi Zhimi Floor Fan DC frequency conversion Launched 100 gears 2800mAh Battery


Today Xiaomi has not only released Xiaomi Redmi 3s, but also a new gadget in Xiaomi eco line. It’s Xiaomi Zhimi Floor Fan with DC frequency conversion at 799 yuan, $123, built in 2800mAh lithium battery, 36W power, 3.74kg net weight, less 54db noise, 29db to the minimum. It can support 2.4Ghz wifiless connecting. This Zhimi Floor Fan has 4 main features such as simulating the natural wind, quiet operation, mobile use and smart control.

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Xiaomi Zhimi floor fan is buit in brushless DC motor, 100 gear infinitely variable speed, which claims it can simulate algorithm of real wind. the leaf of the fan designs like airfoil, diversion enclosures wind increases linear flow, diameter shaft to the dynamic balance calibration on both sides. About other smart functions, it can used with smartphone to support adjusting the Angle of head, shutdown countdown,remote control, switch and time and customized scene. It will also support IOS until July.



Because it is built in 2800mAh battery, it can support up to 16 hours battery life and only consumes one degree electricity to run 500 hours. Right now it starts to crowdfund and will ship until July 5. Will you spend money on this Xiaomi Zhimi Floor fan or Xiaomi Redmi 3s?


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