Xiaomi’s 20W Wireless Charger / Wireless Car Charger and 10000mAh Power Bank With Wireless Charging Released


Today, at the launch event of Mi9, Xiaomi announced a number of new accessories including new Mi Wireless charger, a 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank and a 20W Mi Wireless car charger.

1, 20W Xiaomi Wireless Charger

The 20W wireless charger of Xiaomi 9 adopts a new design, which is 100% higher than the peak charging power of the previous generation. The maximum energy can reach 20W. It can be charged in 90 minutes by charging the Xiaomi 9 more than the wired charging of many mobile phones.

A new cooling hole is added to the bottom of the charging board, and a separate silent fan and heat sink is built in. The dual cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature rise during the wireless charging process and improve the charging efficiency. The entire charging scheme has passed the safety fast charging 2.0 certification of the authoritative organization TÜV Rheinland, which is safe and reliable.

In addition, this 20W wireless charger supports Qi 10W EPP charging protocol, protocol authentication, and can also achieve 10W fast charging when charging other mobile phones that support this protocol.

The appearance still continues the style of Xiaomi’s simple and pure white. It adopts the comfortable silicone texture, which not only increases the friction but also has the shock absorption effect, ensuring stable charging and preventing the phone from falling.

Xiaomi’s 20W wireless charging board single product price is 99 yuan (about $150), charging board + data line + charger set price of 129 yuan (about $19.19).

2, 20W Xiaomi Car Wireless Charger 

Different from the traditional car charger, 20W Xiaomi wireless car charger supports electric deformation and wireless charging. It is both a cool and practical car bracket and a convenient high-speed wireless charger. It supports 20W MAX high-power output, which can make Mi9 power quickly return to 45% in half an hour, and it only takes 90 minutes to fill.

The 20W Xiaomi wireless car charger adopts the integrated 2.5D glass material as the charging panel. After the power is connected, the blue ring-shaped welcome lamp will automatically light up, and it can be seen at night when driving at night. The car charger has its own fan, which can adjust the air volume according to the temperature, and has a built-in metal bracket to enhance the cooling effect during charging. When charging at high power, the charging time can be greatly reduced.

It comes with an infrared sensor. When the phone is close to the frame, the arm is automatically opened and contracted by the motor drive, which is full of technology. The bracket also has a touch button, which can be automatically opened by a single touch, which is convenient for the user to operate with one hand and directly remove the mobile phone. When driving, the phone can be quickly charged without complicated wiring.

This wireless car charger arm can be opened up to 81.5mm, which can be easily put into the Mi9, and is suitable for most mobile phones that support wireless charging on the market. Its bracket air outlet clip is versatile design, with its own flexible silicone, through the clip spring clip, can firmly clamp the air outlet. In addition, it also comes standard with an adhesive base, which is directly attached to the inner plane of the car, so as to adapt to the use of various models and positions.

New Mi Car Wireless charger that costs just  169 yuan (about $25).

3, Xiaomi Wireless Charging Power Bank

It is a 10000mAh power Bank, in addition to the regular wired charging, It is also equipped with a wireless charging panel. When the mobile phone is placed, it can be charged by tapping the button. The vertical sensing distance of Xiaomi Wireless Charging Power Bank is 5mm, and the wireless charging function can also be used with the mobile phone case (non-metal).

It can support up to 10W fast charging in wireless charging mode, and in wireless charging mode to fully charge Xiaomi Mi9 in just 2 hours. In addition, Xiaomi Wireless Charger is certified by Qi wireless standard and can be intelligently compatible with different mobile phones. In addition to wireless charging, it has also 2 charging interfaces, USB-A and USB-C. It can support 3 devices to charge at the same time with wireless charging.

This charger is specially optimized for Xiaomi Mi9. USB-C interface supports bidirectional input and output, supports QC3.0, PD3.0 protocol, maximum input, and output power reaches 18W, USB-A interfaces output maximum power can be Up to 18W. It uses a one-piece metal casing to resist falling and collision.

The charging panel area is made of non-slip soft elastic paint, which also has a good touch when slipping. This charger supports intelligent FOD metal foreign object detection and protection, which can avoid the situation that the power consumption is high due to the wrong placement of metal foreign objects such as keys and coins, thus eliminating the safety hazard.

This Xiaomi power bank will retail for 149 yuan (about $22).

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