Xiaomi’s First all-in-one Laser Printer K200 is Online for Sale at 1,449 yuan, $222


Today, mi mall launched a brand-new printer product — laser printing all-in-one machine K200.

It is also Xiaomi’s first laser printer, which will be available for pre-sale tonight. The original price is 1,499 yuan,  and the price will be 1,449 yuan,$222 after 50 yuan of pre-order.

According to reports, Xiaomi laser printing all-in-one K200 built-in NFC chip, supports a touch link, a touch print and other quick operations, but also supports photocopying, scanning in one, the cost of each page is less than 5 cents.

Specifically, the new product not only supports USB connection, but also can complete the high-speed network connection through mijia APP or Miui Print APP. It is compatible with Android, iOs, Windows, macOS and other multi-terminal platform wireless connection.

Air Tap touch transfer allows the device to support one-touch connection and one-touch printing. When connecting for the first time, the phone will be attached to the NFC chip sensing area, and the mijia APP download page will be automatically pulled up.

After the device is added, the fitting sensing area directly evokes the printer application page, while when opening the document using the Android PHONE WPS application, you only need to fit the NFC chip sensing area to print.

In addition to support, Mi print web page version drag print, no need to install the driver, drag the file to mi print web page version of the identification bar, you can open the printing.

The use of high quality toner, blackness full without burrs, no double shadow does not fade, and drum powder separation structure, supports separate replacement of toner bin, more save the cost of supplies, slide drawer design a pull a button can be installed.

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Pre-loaded toner can reach 4000 pages of printing capacity, toner drum supports 8000 pages of printing capacity, the cost of a single page is less than 5 cents.


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