Xiaomi’s Long-Exposure Feature Released In Stable Version of V12.2.1.0


Today, the president of Xiaomi’s mobile phone division Zeng Xuezhong announced on Weibo that the long-awaited Xiaomi’s long-exposure feature was released for the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, and Redmi K30 Pro series via a stable version of V12.2.1.0.

This function is especially recommended for scenic spots with long exposure, no matter how many passers-by are not afraid, at the same time it also supports one-click shooting of star trail videos, creating unlimited possibilities.

Xiaomi’s long-exposure feature of scenic spots can be used in scenic spots or other crowded places to keep the main characters still, and other characters can be “smeared”; the long-exposure function can be used on busy streets, which can separate moving pedestrians. The vehicle carries out “smearing” processing to add a sense of movement to the photos.

While the fluorescent night function can be used when shooting night scenes and can record the movement of bright light sources, such as car lights and ship signal lights. The imaging effect can also be observed in real-time through the viewfinder.

The function of running clouds and flowing water can be used when shooting clouds, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes. The sky can be photographed with an oil painting effect, and the water or water surface can be photographed with a satin effect.

While the creative light painting function can use the light source to paint in the dark scene and end the shooting The complete light-painting pattern can be kept in the photo at the time. And the bright starry sky function can be used in places with less light pollution, and it can shoot the bright starry sky for up to 30 seconds; the romantic star trail function can take long-term shooting of the starry sky, Take a picture of the movement of the stars.

However, some netizens commented that Xiaomi’s long-exposure update has not yet been received, perhaps because of the batch push, users of the aforementioned Xiaomi models can look forward to it.

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