Xiaomi’s New Flagship Phone is Equipped with Four “120” Features that Are More Powerful


About this year’s Xiaomi mi10 Supreme Commemorative edition, Xiaomi has brought three “120” to consumers, namely 120 times ultra-long zoom, 120W second charging technology and 120Hz professional screen. The powerful functionality has brought a very good use experience. Xiaomi’s new flagship next year could bring four “120”.

According to reports, xiaomi’s new flagship next year will have four “120” parameters, so is it possible to further improve on the Xiaomi mi10 Supreme commemorative edition and bring the fourth “120”? It is important to note that the disclosure does not explicitly refer to the digital flagship or the MIX series.

It’s only August, but judging by the timing, xiaomi’s new digital flagship is likely to be released early next year, just like the Mi 9 and Mi 10. If today’s Revelations point to a phone that will be “on time”, then it is likely to be a new digital flagship, which means xiaomi’s flagship product will be more competitive next year.


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