Xiaomi’s New Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner Will Go on Sale From August 16


Recently, Xiaomi has introduced a new sweeping robot of Mijia, which features an LDS laser sensor and enough power to vacuum the heaviest dust and dirt particles. This is the second robot vacuum cleaner that Mijia brought to us after the introduction of Mijia sweeping robot in 2016. Today, the company announced that this Mijia robot vacuum cleaner will go on sale from August 16 at 10:00. The price is 1999 yuan, and the starting price is 1799 yuan.

It has a round and minimalist design made of high resistance plastic against bumps and scratches. As in the rest of the models we find several protectors around it, as well as an outstanding laser sensor in its upper part. Its measurements are 35 × 9.45cm and it has a weight of 3.6Kg.

This new robot vacuum cleaner has a greater suction capacity that reaches 2100Pa, remember that the Mi Robot Vacuum 2 has 2000Pa. In turn, its 3500mAh battery allows covering an area of ​​up to 180 square meters, which translated into minutes would be about 2 hours of uninterrupted use.

This new robot vacuum cleaner is able to “climb” obstacles up to 2 centimeters high, making it ideal for areas where there is some type of wiring, uneven ground, carpets, etc. In addition, it has up to three suction modes: fast, normal and in-depth, the latter being high pressure, which is activated automatically when detecting carpets or surfaces where greater suction power is needed.

As usual, this new robot allows its configuration and operation through our mobile device since in addition, the vacuum cleaner itself is able to map our house in order to learn and improve an optimal cleaning route. This is carried out by means of its high precision LDS laser sensor, allowing all obstacles around it to be detected in 360º.

It also has 12 sensors capable of accurately assessing the dimensions of your home by automatically detecting any obstacle, unevenness or even stairs. In addition, thanks to its LDS laser sensor and its numerous sensors, Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum cleaner itself is able to plan the best route, cleaning every small corner of your home to return, once it has finished and automatically to its charging base.

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