Xiaomi’s Patent For a Flip Camera Phone is Announced,


Xiaomi MIUI Co., Ltd. announced the patent for “a mobile terminal with a flip-type camera module”. The camera module includes a camera module housing, the limit slot is used to accommodate the camera module, and the driving component is connected to the camera module housing for flipping.

The camera module is accommodated in the limit slot on the back of the mobile terminal, and the camera module is turned over to the back of the mobile terminal under the driving of the steering gear assembly to perform focusing work.

The structure design of the flip-type camera module has greater flexibility, and there is no need to increase the prism structure of the camera module, so the imaging effect of shooting is better, and the shooting experience of the user is improved.

According to the abstract, under normal conditions, the camera module is placed in the limit slot, which is no different from the conventional mobile phone camera module. When needed, the module can be flipped 90°, perpendicular to the back of the fuselage, allowing more flexibility in framing, but this angle seems a bit awkward, and it’s hard to determine which specific thing to shoot. Of course, the patent is still in the publicity stage, and it is still unknown whether Xiaomi will launch a mobile phone using this patent.

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