Xiaomi’s Patent Reveals a Phone with a Detachable Screen


Technology companies often have patents that are fantastical or even bizarre at the moment, such as xiaomi‘s detachable screen phone.

According to the patent, Xiaomi designed the body of the phone and the independent screen, with an interface on the back of the screen, which can be assembled into a complete phone by aligning the interface inside the screen.

Interestingly, there are also earphones, front-facing dual cameras and flash on the ontology. For this, LetsGoDigital makes two guesses. One is that the camera and flash can penetrate the screen to realize corresponding functions; the other is that the screen and the ontology are still connected in some wireless form after they are separated, so their respective functions are not affected and can continue to be implemented.

In addition, we can see that a vertical row of three shots is designed on the back of the body, so the positioning is not so low.

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Unless Xiaomi can make a credible sales case for consumers to buy a smartphone with a detachable display, the patent seems unlikely to make much commercial headway.


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