Xiaomi’s Sub-Brand Segway Has Presented 3 New Products Under Its Ninebot Brand


The Segway company is highly known either for its technology in robotics, transport or for having partnered with Xiaomi for the launch of scooters as other ecological means of transport. And today, the company has presented 3 new products under its Ninebot brand which we know well enough for being the manufacturer of the Xiaomi M365 as well as the Segway Ninebot scooters.

The company has been working in this area for a long time and has managed to have great allies on its way to be able to sell thousands of scooters out of private use. That is why the manufacturer seeks to be the best in this area.

The company already has customers in line for the new vehicles. Among these clients are Uber and Lyft who rent the scooters to people at street level to move within the cities. The head of Ninebot, Gao Lufeng, explained that the model, called KickScooter T60, will be controlled remotely from the cloud, thus improving the costs of the company that had to collect these scooters between the city.

Scooter-sharing service companies have been paying people to manually collect their electric vehicles at the end of the day so they can recharge. After all, customers often leave scooters in random places near their destination; Sometimes, even sometimes they are left lying on the sidewalks and become dangers and obstacles for people with mobility problems. This new scooter arrives with 3 wheels, unlike the current ones that only have 2 wheels.

This new model arrives with wireless charging and easy battery removal. Inside it houses a 6-core processor to process semi-automatic conduction through an AI that the company has developed. The entire chassis adds IPX5 support as well as a maximum weight of 120Kg. The autonomy of this scooter is 60Km in its ECO mode. Its price will be € 1000 at the exchange and you can start booking in China from September. This scooter is really designed for shared use for direct sales to companies, so the price and the solution to be able to control them remotely. But everything does not end here because the campaign seeks to be a pioneer in robotics and therefore has presented two new robots that will take home all kinds of products.

Among them is the S2 model, it is a distribution robot that can handle indoor and outdoor operations, which can meet the intensive distribution needs of different scenes, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and hospitals. It is predicted that the Segway S2 distribution robot can reach 300 trips a day, and in October of this year, it can begin the commercial test operation for the first batch of partners and bring large-scale production in the first quarter of 2020.

Another new exterior distribution robot is the Segway X1, this is an exterior distribution robot that provides users with floor-to-floor delivery services and uses trajectory planning algorithms and dynamic algorithms to avoid obstacles, using vision + lidar + navigation inertial and data fusion technology for precise positioning. Service scenarios include closed parks, industrial parks, urban roads, lanes for non-motorized vehicles, etc. The Segway X1 will launch commercial test operations with its first partners in January 2020.

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