Xiaomi’s Yeelight Voice Assistant Speaker Officially Launch For Sale At Priced 269 Yuan ( $42.57)


At the end of 2017, Microsoft was announced that it would settle in the Xiaomi Ecological Chains and Xiaomi and Microsoft Xiaoice designed a Yeelight Voice Assistant Speaker. As is often the case with company accessories, the Yeelight Voice Assistant was available on the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform. Today finally, it is officially launched for sale at priced 269 yuan ( $42.57).

The Yeelight Voice Assistant has a dual AI system, integrating the female voices of Microsoft’s Xiaoice and Xiaoai. Users can switch between Xiaoai, the rational and practical problem solver, and Xiaoice, the emotional ‘girl’ with whom users can chat about personal issues. Many intelligent voices have been released on the market, but most fell into disuse over the last few years. Microsoft’s Xiaoice makes voice assistance more interesting and encourages users to interact.

Thanks to dual AI system, capable of controlling smart products such as Smart LED Bulb, Table Lamp, Bed Side Lamp and Ceiling Light. So far only Xiaomi devices are supported, but in the future, they promise to implement compatibility with third-party products.

The device as two drops of water is similar to the competing model Amazon Echo Dot – the same shape of the body resembling a washer, and there is an upper panel with control buttons, which surrounds the LED ring around the perimeter. Moreover, even the function of the buttons is the same. However, Yeelight Voice Assistant has an additional button on the center for muffling the sound.

The novelty is built on SoC with a quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A53 processor running at 1.2 GHz, in addition to which 256 MB of RAM and the same amount of flash memory are installed. From wireless connectivity, there is a dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE.

Also, the configuration of Yeelight Voice Assistant includes an array of 6 microphones and one loudspeaker with a power of 2 watts. On the assurances of the manufacturer, while in the standby mode, the device is able to hear and recognize the voice command of the inclusion, filed from a distance of up to five meters. It also features an advanced noise reduction system (AEC) and supports BeamForming technology to eliminate echoes.

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