XiaoR_GEEKDIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car Review: Powerd by Arduino Mega 2560 Motherboard For Just $268.99 at Gearbest


XiaoR_GEEK DIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car is an educational and fun kit based on Arduino Mega 2560 controller board designed for both beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming, and robotics.

Buy XiaoR_GEEK DIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car at $268.99


XiaoR_GEEK DIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car also equip with 1.8500 kg Big tank chassis, full stainless steel car body, laser-carving and welding body, military crawler-type car Robot. The degree of climbing can be up to 30°. It is a good collection for Intelligent robot fans. The XiaoR Geek robot tank platform is designed for learning robotics electronic car with Arduino or raspberry pi programming. You can add a robotic arm or robotics HD Camera on this robotic car platform for DIY. The robot tank car chassis include extra-large size aluminum alloy car body and a variety of sub-plates for DIY. With 1 pair driving wheels and 5 pairs carrying wheels and 2 Tank Tracks, it makes the walk more easily on complex ground conditions.

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XiaoR_GEEK DIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car compatible Arduino mega 2560 Mufti-functional WiFi smart car driver board, controlled by Android/iOS and other smartphone and PC controller software. Two degrees of freedom steering Cloud Terrace for Hd camera with manual adjustment of focus, enjoy much of the freedom of the control angle and maximum resolution of dynamic video can be up to 640 * 480P, Frame up 30F/s. Built-in 2200mAh battery pack with 12V lithium battery charger, provide continuous power for a robot for longer endurance. Through 100M kbps WIFI video digital transmission module, video resolution up to 1280 * 720p, 5DB Increased external WiFi antenna, stronger signal, long-distance transmission. Users are able to add various sensor and controllers with multiple mounting holes on the robot chassis. Eg: Driver board, Ultrasonic Sensor, HD camera, IR sensor, Display, WiFi module, LED etc.


You will need to build the car from scratch. The assembly is very easy, so you can have the fun of DIY and make a video car in a short time. XiaoR_GEEK DIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car available in the sale on Gearbest at $268.99 to use coupon code: GBMRGEEK02

Buy XiaoR_GEEK DIY 6DOF Metal RC Robot Arm Car at $268.99


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